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Lana and Archer

"Archer" review by Suzanne
returns January 17th at 10pm et/pt on FX

Archer is a fun animated show that keeps getting better every year. The new season 4 starts January 17. They sent me the first 4 episodes to review! They were all really enjoyable. I thought the first one was so-so, but the others were great. The second one was especially hilarious, and the 3rd one just leaves you shaking your head in amazement. The fourth one is silly. It's a good assortment of episodes.

You probably don't want to read any further if you hate spoilers of any kind. I figure most people don't watch this show for the story. It's all about the laughs.

Archer is missing at the beginning of the season (isn't he always?) and is found in a very unusual place. I'm sure I don't have to tell long-time fans that there is a lot of shooting, drinking, insulting and blood. In the first episode, 'Fugue and Riffs", the group of ISIS spies has to help Archer regain his memory while some Russian spies are after him. In the second episode, "The Wind Cries Mary", his old buddy Luke is in trouble, wanted for murder and espionage, so Archer goes to help him and clear his name. Of course, Luke is gay for Archer, but he has no clue! In the third episode, "Legs", Krieger tries to help Ray get his  legs back by giving him a robot body. In episode 4, "Midnight Run", Archer gets in trouble in Canada, and Malory's new husband helps him out. He is not what he seems!

Make sure you check out this fun, crazy, irreverent show!

ARCHER premieres its fourth season on Thursday, Janaury 17 at 10:00 PM ET/PT only on FX.
"Fugue and Riffs" Archer has amnesia and decides the only cure is a spa weekend.
Archer: The New Mission Can you keep a secret? Get briefed on the all new season of Archer and hold on tight.
Archerís Perfect Day At the Archer season four media day, your favorite ISIS personalities got a little too candid when asked about their personal lives. Does Archerís ideal 24 hours sound good to you? Archer returns Thursday January 17 at 10p only on FX.
Maloryís Perfect Day Ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to Maloryís perfect day, sheís all heart. Archer returns Thursday January 17 at 10p only on FX.
Lanaís Perfect Day Which sounds more fun: Lanaís perfect day or Archerís?
Pamís Perfect Day What would Pam eat on her perfect day?
Cyrilís Perfect Day How would Cyril spend his perfect day? Scheming. No big deal. Archer returns Thursday January 17 at 10p only on FX.

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Page updated 1/11/13

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