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cast of 666 Park Avenue

"666 Park Avenue" review by Suzanne
Sundays 10/9c on ABC

This is a very good show. It's scary and creepy. Don't expect it to be as good as "American Horror Story", because this is ABC, not cable. However, it's about as good as you're going to get on regular TV. It just lacks the sex and some of the blood and gore that you would find on cable. That's fine with me. I just care about the acting and the writing. The show was written very well, and there are lots of mysteries. The acting is goof, especially Terry O'Neill and Vanessa Williams

666 Park Ave. is really 999 Park Ave. (but at the beginning of the show, we see that the 666 as a reflection of the 999.) This is an old hotel, now an apartment building. The devil, or one of his minions, Gavin (Terry O'Neill), and his wife, Olivia (Vanessa Williams), runs the building. A new couple, Jane (Rachel Taylor) and Henry (Dave Annable), take the job of apartment manager, but they are vastly overqualified for an apartment manager job since one is an architect and the other a lawyer. However, in this economy, it makes a little bit of sense. Of course, they don't know that they are working for Satan and that their lives are in danger. Various other apartment renters on the show have made bad deals with Gavin and get into trouble.

Gavin and Olivia really want to get the souls of Henry and Jane, so they are working hard to befriend them. Lots of people die, and it's very entertaining. If you like horror, I would recommend that you watch this show.

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