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Ryan and Wilfred

"Wilfred" review by Suzanne
Thursdays at 10pm on FX starting June 28


I usually avoid spoilers in my reviews, but I don't know how I would review these 3 episodes that FX sent me without having a few... it just wouldn't make sense, otherwise, or would be too vague.

I always enjoy this show, and it's still very good in this second season. My only beef is that I'm not sure I like how they handled the cliffhangers from last season in the first and second episodes this season.  In the first episode, we see that Ryan is still in a mental hospital. His doctor is Robin Williams (no, not Patch Adams, although there are references to both Good Will Hunting and Mork & Mindy!).  Wilfred is in a wheelchair and very bitter.  Ryan has some real troubles and gets more treatment from the doctor than he wants. Also, he keeps having these flashes to working in an office again as a lawyer. His co-workers are played by Allison Mack (ex-Chloe, Smallville) and the wonderful Steven Weber (Wings and many other things).

It gets weirder and weirder, as only Wilfred can do... until suddenly Ryan figures out that the mental hospital was some kind of dream and he really is in the real world working with those people as a lawyer. It doesn't make a lot of sense, even for this show. Also, it reminds me way too much of "Awake", which I wasn't happy with (at least the ending part).

Still, we're not sure which parts of Ryan's life are real or not. We still don't know why he sees Wilfred the way he does or why his basement turned into a closet (we do find out something about the closet, at least). It's very confusing, and not in a good way. But it does get better after that and goes back to being the regular "Wilfred" Its fans all know and love. It's good to still have questions because otherwise, there wouldn't be much of a show.

Elijah Wood (Ryan) looks too scary-skinny.  He should eat something! There are a lot of great guest stars this season besides the ones I mentioned. I hope we get to see more of Robin Williams - love him!!

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Page updated 6/21/12

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