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White Collar cast

"White Collar" review by Suzanne
Tuesdays 9/8c on USA Network

This is a great show. I always enjoy watching it. The cast and the writing are fabulous.

Last season ended on a great cliff-hanger with Neal having to run away with Mozz. This season, Peter tracks them down, and so does another agent, who doesn't care if he brings Neal back dead or alive.  The story gets very exciting when we see Neal and Mozz on the island where they're hiding out, and then later, Peter has to rescue them from the other agent. Then of course they do end up going back to New York. However, Peter is in the doghouse for chasing after Neal.

There are many great guest-stars this season, and you should enjoy them. I got to see the first 3 episodes for this season, and they are all very exciting. Neal is always very witty and handsome. He has great relationships with Peter, Mozz, and Elizabeth, among others.

Make sure you watch this show if you don't watch anything else this summer!

UPDATE: The episodes this year have been great. I always loved this show! The last two episodes this Summer are about Peter's quest to find out about his father, and fighting with Peter about his trying to get to the truth. I really loved seeing Treat Williams as Sam on the show during these new episodes. I did think that the end of the last episode was a little predictable.... but otherwise it's been great, and I really look forward to the rest of the season!

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Page updated 9/1/12

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