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The Firm

"The Firm" review by Suzanne
Airs Thursdays, 10/9C on NBC

This show is pretty well done for a non-cable show. It is a bit like a movie, and it stars a movie star, Josh Lucas. It's also based on a movie, the Tom Cruise 80's movie "The Firm" (obviously).  It has lots of action, chases, and twists and turns. The story definitely drew me in. Parts of it remind me of the complex story and flashbacks (it's not as complex as "Damages", though). It's a very good thriller and makes you want to keep watching.

Josh Lucas is no Tom Cruise. He looks a bit like Matthew McConaughey - he could play his brother. Unfortunately, even though he's a very good actor, he's doesn't have the charisma or great looks of either Cruise or McConaughey. Maybe that's why he's doing TV now.  To me, a leading man should have a lot more charisma.

Lucas plays Mitch McDeere. He's moved to Washington DC with his family. He was in witness protection for a while, so he has the son of this mobster who may be after him.  He has his own practice, but he joins a large law firm in the pilot, and we find out right away that they are up to no good.

The rest of the cast is very good. Juliette Lewis plays his secretary. Callum Keith Rennie, a great character actor, plays his brother and also his private investigator. Molly Parker plays his wife, Abby. They also have a teenage daughter.   Tricia Helfer, who is great at everything she does, plays the head of the firm.  She and Rennie were both Cylons on Battlestar Galactica and have done a ton of fabulous work since then.

It's definitely worth checking out this show! Watch the early episodes online at NBC if you need to catch up. It's not one that you want to catch in the middle.

More information:

The Firm rounds out Thursday nights at 10/9c, but donít miss the two-hour premiere this Sunday, January 8 at 9/8c.


Twitter:!/NBCTheFirm  #TheFirm

Sneak Peek

John Grisham, the cast and the writers give you the lowdown on "The Firm."


Josh Lucas Talks About The Firm

Why is Mitch McDeere Grisham's most popular character? Josh Lucas knows!


Looking for the Truth

Mitch takes a meeting with a man who won't say what he knows.


Family Crisis

The McDeeres meet late at night to try to help a desperate man.


Fathers and Sons

The son of the mobster who put a hit on the McDeeres takes charge of his father's crime family.


Touring the New Firm

Against their better judgment, Abby and Mitch visit the office of Kinross & Clark.


A Serious Promise

When Claire panics, Mitch promises her they're never going back to witness protection.


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Updated 1/12/12 


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