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Terra Nova family

"Terra Nova" review by Suzanne
Premieres Monday 8/7 c Sept. 26

I really enjoyed the two hour season premiere of this show. I think any science fiction fan will, too.  It has lots of excitement and action as well as family drama and more. It is by Spielberg, and he puts together a good show that makes you want to come back next week.

The story starts out about a century in the future when mankind has ruined the Earth's environment. The air is brown, and you can't see the sun or the moon, and everyone needs special rebreathing equipment when they go outdoors. Also, there is overpopulation, and the government has mandate that every family can only have two children.  The focus is on the Shannon family. They get in trouble for having a third child. 

I don't want to spoil what happens for you. The mother, Elisabeth, who is a doctor, is chosen to be a pioneer on this new mission. Scientists have found a tear in time and space that will take people back to the time of the dinosaurs (and before anyone wonders, yes, they do explain why this is okay and won't ruin their future).  Elisabeth is chosen to go back to the past with her family.

The show gets more interesting, of course, once they go back in time, and we see the dinosaurs. I thought they looked pretty good, but then again I'm not again one of those who cares that much about special effects. There were only a couple of things in the storyline that I thought were kind of dumb or predictable. The rest of it was good and kept my interest. It is kind of a thrill ride for the most part.  One even made me go "Awww!"  I think it will be a big hit for FOX. Enjoy it!

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Updated 9/25/11 


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