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America's SuperNanny

"America's SuperNanny" review by Suzanne
Premieres Nov. 29 at 9/8c on Lifetime

This is about three good male friends (in their 30's, I think?) who are "modern men" but trying to be more manly like their ancestors. They play video games and are kind of whipped by their women. The cast is very likable (except maybe Teri Polo, who is kind of bitchy here as one of the wives), but it's just not very funny.

It's also not very realistic. I watched 3 of the first episodes and, there were a few laughs, but mostly it was just these guys acting like idiots, running around and doing things that no sane person would do. A TV show needs to be somewhat realistic for me to watch it. People have to behave like they would in real life, to at least a certain extent. And any sitcom needs to be funny, or why am I bothering?

I think the new Tim Allen comedy is way better than this one. He can be "manly" falling out of bed. These guys are way too effeminate and have no chance of manning up or making me laugh.

More Information:

America's Supernanny airs on Tuesdays at 9pm (ET/PT) on Lifetime Television.


America's Supernanny features the first true U.S. homegrown supernanny, Deborah Tillman, a Virginia-based childcare specialist. Tillman visits the homes of parents throughout the U.S. seeking guidance and assistance on how to best raise their children. Diving straight into the chaos and heart of the matter, she gives viewers an all-access look at troubled households by closely observing each family dynamic to pinpoint their complicated problems - ranging from disciplinary problems, separation anxiety and picky eating to poor bedtime routines, clinging on mom or dad, spoiled kids and attention deficit disorder - and follow through to resolve their issues to put families on the road to happiness.


America's Supernanny is produced by Shed Media US with Nick Emmerson and Stephanie Schwam, and Rob Sharenow, Gena McCarthy, Abigail Harvey and Jim Rapsas of Lifetime executive producing. Lifetime has ordered eight one-hour episodes.

A global hit, Supernanny has been formatted throughout the world, including Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Greece, Holland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

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Updated 11/21/11 


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