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Sons of Anarchy

"Sons of Anarchy" review by Suzanne
4th Season Premieres Tuesday September 6th on FX

This show is always so well-written and has some of the best actors and actresses that you will find anywhere. The show has great, compelling drama with many layers of story and complex characters. Exciting, explosive action happens in every episode. Twists, turns, and lots of shocking things happen.

However, it's hard to watch because the characters on the show are such scum. It's really hard for me to watch anything where all of the people are such loathsome people who commit terrible violence and break the law. I like to have some good guys to root for, not just bad guys and worse guys.

It's hard to reconcile a character like Jax, for instance, who is such a nice guy with his girlfiend and kids, and then turns around and kills people. I don't care what the rationale for the killing is, it's still killing.

Last season, Clay, Jax and a lot of the others went to prison. At the beginning of this season, they get out and go back to causing trouble in Charming. They have to deal with more gang politics, and a new police presence. FX sent me the first 3 episodes of the season. I watched them, and they were very good. The story always sucks me in, as much as I hate when it does!

Things look exciting for the new season!

Update: I just received a DVD from FX with the next three episodes of the season. They are just as exciting and explosive as the other ones from this year.  Clay keeps doing some sneaky things, and Juice is having a hard time with being a new police information. His actions really get himself and others into serious trouble. Jax does something very violent and shocking, but not wholly unjustified. I wish I could tell you more, but I don't want to spoil it. You don't want to miss them!

Another Update: This week's episodes on 11/22 is a stunner! Don't miss it. It has a really shocking ending (although I'm guessing that next week's episode will reveal that "all is not as it seems", just like it when Juice tried to hang himself). Still, it's good. I enjoy how everything is coming to a head this season.

Finale update: The Season Four finale is really good. It could easily have been a series finale, although a mite depressing (then again, this is not exactly a warm and fuzzy show; anything short of everyone in the show dying in a massive gun battle or explosion is uplifting).

I don't want to give spoilers, but as you know from the recent episodes, things are coming to a head. Let's just say things don't go as anyone planned. Jax ends up in both a good and bad way. He doesn't get what he wants, but one could argue that he ends in a great position. Clay, not so much. Don't miss it!

I think Jax is the true hero of the show (if anyone in this show could truly be called a hero, since they are all murderers, liars, thieves, drug dealers, etc.). Clay is the main protagonist but also the main villain. He's sort of the J.R. Ewing of the show, while Gemma is the female equivalent. The show always sucks you into liking the people and then BAM! they do something truly repugnant.

Sometimes I hate myself for watching the show and enjoying it, but it's definitely never dull, and I never regret that I have finished watching it because I'm always so bowled over by the twists and turns of the plot.

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Updated 11/29/11 


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