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Royal Pains cast

"Royal Pains" review by Suzanne
Wednesdays at 9/8 central on USA Network starting June 6, 2012

I always enjoy this show. It's a drama, but it's mostly light and fun. It's a soap opera, but it doesn't get overly complicated or become tragic too often. You can miss an episode and not be lost.  It's a medical show, but it's set in the Hamptons, where mostly see rich people having parties, or people on the beach. It's a great Summer show.

However, the writing is really good, and the acting is even better. They put a lot of work into this fun little show. I think that's why it's starting its fourth season!

At the end of last season, Hank had to deal with the death of his friend Jack. Jill left Hamptons Heritage. Evan bought Divya's shares of HankMed and then tried to use his majority to tell Hank what to do. The brothers had a big fight, so Hank quit. 

USA sent me the season premiere episode. It is very exciting and has a smash ending. One of my favorite actors, Donal Logue, guest-stars as Beth's brother. He and some others are preparing for a lobster-roll-eating contest. There are two different illnesses for Hank to solve in this one. Also, Evan finds that replacing Hank is not so easy. Some new characters are introduced.

I got to speak with star Mark Feuerstein a few days ago on the phone, so as soon as USA sends me that transcript, I will put it up and link it on here. He was so nice!

More Information:



**The season four premiere of ROYAL PAINS airs Wednesday, June 6 at 9/8c**

Guest stars for season four include Judy Greer, Donal Logue, Ben Shenkman, John Cullum, Alexis Vega plus television royalty Henry Winkler and new season regulars Campbell Scott and Brooke D'Orsay

Season premiere: "After The Fireworks"

With a Hamptons food festival in full swing, HankMed stays together for one final weekend. Hank (Mark Feuerstein) and Divya (Reshma Shetty) treat a professional competitive eater, as well as a local amateur, who also happens to be Jill's (Jill Flint) brother. Evan (Paulo Costanzo) steps out from Hank's shadow into a business all his own, and Jill officially finishes her job at Hamptons Heritage. Guest Stars: Kyle Howard, Anna George, Ajay Mehta, Ben Shenkman, Ernie McGillicud

Wednesday, June 13 – ROYAL PAINS – “Imperfect Storm” – 9/8c

When Jill’s chess-obsessed nephew gets kicked out of camp for fighting, Hank realizes Luke may be suffering from more than just teenage hormones. Evan courts a young, lonely heiress for his new client roster, and Divya – caught between the brothers -- faces an impossible choice.

Guest stars: Alexa Vega, Donal Logue, Kyle Howard, Anna George, Ben Shenkman


Characters Welcome. 

Mark Feuerstein Returns Behind the Camera to Direct while Paulo Costanzo Makes His Directorial Debut

Season four of ROYAL PAINS, USA’s #1 hit original series, premieres on Wednesday, June 6 at 9/8c. The fan favorite, averaging 7.2 million total viewers, returns with all new episodes centering around the summer’s favorite concierge doctor.

In the impressive summer return, Mark Feuerstein stars as Dr. Hank Lawson, the go to "doctor for hire" in the Hamptons, who finds that life out east isn’t always as perfect as it may seem.  Following the explosive argument at the conclusion of last season, Hank embarks on a fresh, new start with his medical practice while his brother, Evan (Paulo Costanzo), steps out from Hank’s shadow and into a business all on his own. As Divya (Reshma Shetty) attempts to reconcile the brothers’ differences and Jill (Jill Flint) prepares for a new adventure, the HankMed team comes together one last time to provide medical support at a food-festival that turns out to be anything but festive. 

Campbell Scott and Brooke D'Orsay join the cast as series regulars this season, with guest stars Henry Winkler and Kyle Howard returning. Judy Greer, Donal Logue, John Cullum, Alexa Vega, and Top Chef’s Paul Qui also appear as guest stars with Ben Shenkman recurring throughout the season. Mark Feuerstein is set to direct his second episode while Paulo Costanzo is set to make his directorial debut.

ROYAL PAINS fans can enjoy their favorite show on multiple digital channels including mobile and online. Viewers can access more cast interviews, a Hamptons style guide, trivia, and short form video including deleted scenes. Fans can also submit their names to be considered for the ROYAL PAINS Character of the Week, where those selected will see their name on-air during an episode. Throughout the season, fans will have the opportunity to chat live with the show’s star on USA’s Character Chatter.

ROYAL PAINS is written and executive produced by Andrew Lenchewski and Michael Rauch. Rich Frank also serves as executive producer along with Jeff Kwatinetz from Prospect Park and Connie Burge. Carol Flint, Jon Sherman, Kerry Orent and Jack Bernstein co-executive produce. The series comes from Universal Cable Productions. ROYAL PAINS films entirely in New York (Long Island and Brooklyn) and at locations around the Hamptons.

For photos of ROYAL PAINS, please log on to the NBC Universal Media Village at

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