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Revenge cast

"Revenge" review by Suzanne
Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC

This is a pretty good show. It's got a really intricate plot and interesting characters. Emily VanCamp, whom you may recognize from "Brothers & Sisters" or "Everwood", plays a young woman out for revenge on a rich family and their friends in the Hamptons.

The pilot jumped back and forth in time, so I found it a little bit confusing. Apparently she was taken away from her father, and then he was framed for embezzlement by these people. He died, and she went into the foster system, and then into juvenile hall. When she got out, he left her a lot of money and information about his framing.

She then takes on another identity as "Emily", rents out one of the beach houses, and gets involved with the family. She meets Daniel and dates him, and he ends up murdered. Daniel's mother, Victoria, is a real bitch, and one of the targets of Emily's vengeance.

There are lots of other characters, and it's a really intriguing story with lots of ins-and-outs. I suggest you watch the first few episodes online and then add this to your TV-watching rotation! It's well worth it. I hope it does well. There's nothing worse than getting into a story like this and not finding out what happened.

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Updated 10/6/11 


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