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"Rescue Me" review by Suzanne
Airs Wednesdays at 10 pm/9c on FX

This is the last season of this great show. It's a real shame, but I guess all good things come to an end eventually. FX sent me the first 7 episodes of this season, and they are great as usual.

In case you have never seen it, the show is about NYC firefighters, especially Tommy (played by Denis Leary), who started the show racked with guilt after his cousin and best friend was killed in 9/11.  Tommy sees visions of his cousin, and he drinks a lot and cheats on his wife. By this time, he has stopped drinking, but his life is still far from easy.

In many ways, this is a really good soap opera. It's not about putting out fires professionally. It's about the personal lives of these particular firefighters, their romances, their families, their jobs, etc. just like any good soap.

Maura Tierney returns as Kelly and does an awesome job as always.  It's strange to see Callie Thorne here because I have been watching her all summer on "Necessary Roughness"! The cast is great, of course.

The writing is superb and always has been. It is filled with great characters, lots of subtle stuff, and also lots of in-your-face shocking stuff as well. You won't be disappointed this season. It's a doozy! Especially since this year is the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

Update 8/21: FX was kind enough to send me the last two episodes of the show, too. They are great!!  The last three episodes air 8/24 through 9/7, and all three GREAT TV. They cram a ton of humor and drama in these episodes. 

In the 8/24 episode, "Jeter", Tommy's daughter  has her rehearsal dinner, but that's just one tiny bit of the episode. It's a really funny one. In the previous episode Tommy wrote these letters for in case he dies, and he gave them to Lou. We see what Lou does with them in this episode, and it's really good. 

The 8/31 episode "Vows" is the wedding, and a lot of it is really funny. (Some of it is really hard to watch because it's the embarrassment type of humor) And then some really dramatic firefighter stuff happens at the end.

In the 9/7 episode "Ashes", some really shocking things happen at the beginning of the episode, but then it is all turned upside down.  All of the loose ends of the series are tied up in this episode, but it may not go how you expect.  Some of this episode is very funny, too. I was laughing a lot in this one.  Tommy's wife has her baby, but again, this is a very small part of the episode.  The ending is really good, too.  It's a great ending for such a good show.  Don't miss it!!

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Updated 8/21/11 


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