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Person of Interest

"Person of Interest" review by Suzanne
Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS

I am enjoying this show, although I'm not sure it's everyone's cup of tea. It has a sort of dark edge to it, and it can be kind of slow at times.

Mostly, it's a good action adventure show, but with plenty of human element.  Movie star Jim Caviezel plays a former CIA agent, Reese, who has fallen on hard times. He is chosen by a rich computer analyst, Finch (played by Michael Emerson, known mostly for "Lost"), to help track down potential victims.

Finch has developed a computer system that is able to predict future victims of crimes. It was invented to find terrorist targets, but it also identifies other victims (or rather, their social security number). Finch is horrified that the government wants to ignore those other victims, so he uses his resources, and Reese, to track down the next victim and stop the violent crime before it happens.

Caviezel has always been more of a pretty face than a great actor, but he has improved a bit over the years. Emerson is great and has won an Emmy to prove it. They make a really interesting team. The stories are very good. Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson plays a police detective, Carter, who is very curious about Reese and his adventures. Reese also has another cop, Fusco, that he has blackmailed into helping him on occasion.  Check it out! It's very entertaining.

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Updated 10/6/11 


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