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The "Man Up" men

"Man Up!" review by Suzanne
Airs Tuesdays 8:30/7:30c on ABC

I had never watched this show before (at least that I recall). This is a new "nanny" from the ones on other shows - Deborah Tillman. She's the first American nanny. Deborah goes to the homes of families that have trouble with their kids, and she shows them how to discipline them. It's sad that anyone needs that kind of help, but having been a teacher, I can understand it. I just wish there were more people like her out there, helping families. Too many parents just let their kids run them ragged, and the kids grow up so spoiled and messed up. You need to have boundaries for kids. Being a parent is hard, and too few people seem to take it seriously.

Anyway, this was great to watch. Deborah came in and set this family straight in just a few days. The family has a dad that is hardly ever home, and three kids. The oldest girl feels neglected and her self-esteem is suffering. The little boy acts up all the time, and the parents have these huge fights with him and don't know how to control him. He was a little monster, it seemed. There is also a middle girl, but we don't see too much of her. My guess is that she was slightly more well-adjusted than the other two.

Anyway, Deborah showed the parents how to discipline the boy, and she encouraged the parents to spend more time with their children and have conversations with them (what a novel concept). She also showed them all how to get the kids not to put up so much of a fuss when the parents went out without the kids. It worked really well. I hope these parents get more help if they need it.

Anyone who is a parent should watch this show and may benefit from the tips that Deborah gives. I don't like most reality shows, but this is one is actually useful and educational as well as entertaining.

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Updated 11/21/11 


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