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Louie on FX

"Louie" review by Suzanne
Returns June 23 at 10:30 on FX

This is a very funny show, but I can't really tell you why. Humor is so subjective, anyway. It is not constantly laugh-out-loud funny, like Seinfeld. It is similar to Seinfeld in many ways. Both shows are about a stand-up comedian, and they show scenes from his act. The stand-up routines are funnier than Seinfeld's, but the rest of the show is not.  And yet, it is good, and worth watching. It's more embarrassment humor than anything, and in some ways very true to life.

Louie is divorced, middle-aged, kinda fat, and bald, with two daughters. He's kind of like a combination of George and Jerry on Seinfeld. In the new season premiere, his pregnant sister visits, and he meets his neighbors.  in the second episode, he has a very weird experience with a woman he meets from his daughter's school. In the third episode, he decides to look for a new place to live. In the fourth episode, he is working at a casino in Atlantic City, where he meets Joan Rivers. They are four very funny episodes, June 23 - July 14. Don't miss them because they are well worth watching.

This is definitely not the type of show where you cringe too much. Louie is kind of shlub but likable, and like I said, it's somewhat realistic. The humor is very organic from the story. It's quirky, but not weird.  It's a really New York-type of show.  Frankly, I don't like most of FX's comedies, and this is the best one they've got.

Check it out! It premieres June 23rd at 10:30pm, right after the new show "Wilfred".

Update: I have been watching more episodes of the show. I wish it were funnier. It has some cute moments, and some really funny beats, but mostly it's just interesting, but not that funny. Some parts are really boring, in fact, and I have to fast-forward through them. It's just so uneven.

The August 18th episode is about Halloween, and it ends in kind of a flat way, but it has some good parts. The August 25th episode is a special 2-hour episode where Louie goes to Afghanistan on a USO Tour. This one had some good moments but also had a lot of boring parts I had to fast-forward through, such as helicopter rides where nothing is said.  It has some cute ducklings, and I enjoyed that, but it still needed more humor and less self-indulgence. Personally, I did not really enjoy the singing parts (by a guest star country singer, not Louie), nor all the excessive patriotism. Some may like this kind of thing. 

The upcoming September 1st episode is about Louie's visiting niece. I thought this was the most interesting of the three, and it had fewer parts that I fast-forwarded through.  It has a very shocking ending.

On all the episodes, his stand-up routine is the funniest part of the show. Otherwise it's more of a drama, not a comedy. I know that a lot of critics like the show because it's very real and not like other shows. However, if they want real people to tune in, it needs to be funnier and less boring.

The season finale is September 8th.

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Updated 8/28/11 


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