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cast of Last Man Standing

"Last Man Standing" review by Suzanne
Airs Tuesdays 8/7c on ABC

Last Man Standing is pretty funny...not the funniest show ever, but it's not bad. It all depends, I think, on how funny you think Tim Allen is. I didn't really like "Home Improvement" that much -- too much grunting and other silly stuff. However, he is a funny guy, and I liked him in The Santa Clause, and of course, the Toy Story movies. He does make me laugh in "Last Man Standing", even though the humor is somewhat similar to "Home Improvement". I think it's better in this new show that he is surrounded by women, so it makes him seem like less of a macho jerk. It's hard to take him seriously when he spouts the "man" stuff, when his wife and daughters are laughing at him.

His character, Mike, is not completely ridiculous, though. It's clear that they like and respect him, and he's a good father, despite some of the stupid things he says and does. He's not your typical dummy-dad like in a lot of sitcoms. Nancy Travis is great as his wife, too. She is just so earthy, sane, and motherly, that she is a great counter to him.

I would say it's a good family comedy, and anyone should like it. It's like the type of "family comedy" we all grew up on - safe for kids and parents alike. Yet, it's funny, not stupid.

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Updated 11/12/11 


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