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cast of "I Hate My Teenage Daughter"

"I Hate My Teenage Daughter" review by Suzanne
Premieres Wednesday 9:30/8:30c November 30 on FOX

FOX really tries to push the envelope on most of its shows. It doesn't always work, especially with its comedies. They often are just really bad. But what do I know because I think "Raising Hope" is really awful, and yet it's a hit. This new show "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" is terrible. It stars Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran, who are very funny ladies, and they try very hard, but the material is just not there. I really hate comedies where they try too hard and still don't get it right.

There were a couple of chuckles, but mostly it was just dumb. I watched two episodes, and the second one got so bad, I had to quit watching. It had kind of awful embarrassment humor that is so uncomfortable (and usually not funny). People do embarrass themselves in real life, but not to this extent.

The premise of the show is about two divorced women who were social outcasts as teenagers, and they have raised two somewhat-spoiled teens who are popular. Of course the women embarrass their children all the time, and the mothers complain about how mean their daughters are. The moms act more childishly than the girls, though, so it's hard to watch.

I really can't recommend it...but give it a try for yourself. Maybe you will feel differently than I do. Not everyone has the same sense of humor!

More Information:


I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER, the new family comedy starring Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran as single moms, best friends - and former nerds - who fear their privileged and overly indulged daughters are turning out just like the mean girls who picked on them in high school, will now debut on Wednesday, Nov. 30 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) after THE X FACTOR on FOX.

Annie (Pressly), who was raised in an ultra-strict, über-religious household where she had little-to-no freedom, pretty much allows her daughter, SOPHIE (Kristi Lauren), to do whatever she wants. Annie´s best friend Nikki (Finneran), once an unpopular, overweight social pariah, is now a pretty Southern belle who also allows her daughter, MACKENZIE (Aisha Dee), to do as she pleases. The moms have given the girls everything they asked for and everything they never had: clothes, money and self- esteem. The unintended consequence is they have created two mean girls just like the ones who tortured them years ago. The series also stars Eric Sheffer Stevens as Annie´s ex-husband MATT who wants to be a good parent, but doesn´t know what that even means; Kevin Rahm as Matt´s brother JACK, a father figure to Sophie who´s meddling would annoy Annie more if she didn´t have such a crush on him; and Chad L. Coleman as GARY, Nikki´s ex-husband who also tries to help raise his challenging daughter but the couple´s complicated relationship often makes his involvement more difficult.

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER is produced by Bonanza Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television. Sherry Bilsing-Graham ("The New Adventures of Old Christine," "Friends") and Ellen Kreamer ("The New Adventures of Old Christine," "Friends") are executive producers. The series is written by Bilsing-Graham and Kreamer. Andy Ackerman ("Seinfeld," "The New Adventures of Old Christine") executive- produced and directed the pilot. 

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Updated 11/21/11 


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