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"Hunt for the I-5 Killer" review by Suzanne
Premieres Sunday, October 2nd at 8 pm/et on Lifetime

I love watching movies and TV shows about serial killers. I don't know why, exactly, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one, since they seem to be very successful. This movie, "The Hunt for The I-5 Killer", was very entertaining. It was so realistic that it almost seemed like a documentary in parts. Like most serial killer movies, it focused on the police officer looking for the killer, who finally brings him to justice. I don't think this is a spoiler, because it wouldn't be a very good movie if they had never had caught the killer.

John Corbett, who has been in many TV shows, plays the local sheriff, Dave, in a small town, who starts to put the pieces together after a series of murders. He gets especially attached to one of the victims that didn't die, a young woman. Meanwhile, we get to know these two guys, and one of them seems to be the killer because he is such a jerk and travels around to the various spots where the killings take place.

the killerIt's a very good movie. Corbett is not a very dramatic actor -- he mostly does comedy. He is convincing, though, as the sheriff who is very driven and dedicated; the other actors are really good, though. Since this is a true story, there isn't too much they could do to vary the facts. It's very much like other serial killer movies because the real-life cases all pretty much go the same way: bad guy kills, cops start finding evidence, cop is very driven, and eventually they catch the bad guy. It's still interesting to watch the story, though, as there are some twists and turns.

They never really say why the villain became a serial killer, other than a passing remark he makes to his fiancee about how she wouldn't want to meet his family. This guy found young women who were working or living near the I-5 freeway. He raped and killed many women all up and down the northern part of California, and Oregon, and Washington (up to 44 people, some of them children). Frankly, I had never heard of him before, even though I was in California at the time. He was arrested in 1981, only a few years after I got out of high school. I wonder why it took so long to make this story into a movie?

I was reading about the real guy on Wikipedia. Apparently he has a history for flashing all through the early 70's, and it's what cost him his football career. His football career is mentioned a few times in the movie, but I don't think they ever say why he did not become a football star. I think he does lie at one point that he injured his knee.

This movie is based on the book "The I-5 Killer" by Ann Rule. This movie is well worth seeing for anyone who loves suspense, drama, and police movies.

More Info:

Hunt for the I-5 Killer, starring John Corbett (United States of Tara) and Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries), is a dramatization based on the haunting true story of the yearlong manhunt for a killer who is suspected of murdering 14 victims and committed numerous sexual assaults up and down the I-5 highway corridor through California, Washington and Oregon. As Detective Dave Kominek (Corbett) starts to discover similarities in the cases, the more he becomes determined to prove the seemingly unrelated killings are the work of one man. As the case unfolds and more victims come to light, a shocking twist comes into play – could the sadistic mass murderer possibly be a handsome, all-American athlete? Based on the Ann Rule book, Hunt for the I-5 Killer is executive produced by Jim Head (Lifetime Movie Network’s Ann Rule’s Too Late to Say Goodbye) and Howard Braunstein (Lifetime’s The Client List), written by Teena Booth (Lifetime’s Amish Grace) and produced by Beau Pictures Inc.

John Corbett As “Detective Dave Kominek”
John Corbett starred as Ian Miller in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which was one of the highest grossing independent films of all time. He is also best known for his role as “Aidan Shaw” starring opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in HBO’s Sex & the City, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe® in 2002. He reprised his role in the 2010 theatrical release of Sex & the City 2. In addition Corbett received Emmy® and Golden Globes® nominations for his work on the popular CBS series Northern Exposure. Corbett was most recently seen in the films Street Kings, with Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker; The Burning Plain, with Charlize Theron; the Sony feature The Messengers, directed by Danny and Oxide Pang; and Fox 2000’s Ramona and Beezus. In television, he most recently played “Max Gregson” on Showtime’s United States of Tara and in 2007 he starred in the Lifetime Original Movie Nora Roberts’ Montana Sky.
Born and raised in West Virginia, Corbett moved out to California to find work in a steel factory. He worked there for six years until an injury forced him to stop. Concurrently, John was attending the local city college and decided to sit in on a friend's drama class. While watching class, he was invited on stage for an exercise and became captivated with the craft. He acted in several college theater productions in which his drama teacher recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue Hollywood.

Sara Canning As “Beth Williams”
Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, Canning first stepped onto stage at age eleven and was hooked immediately, spending every waking moment of her formative years acting in plays and musicals. After performing in the “Teens at the Turn Festival” at Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre, she went on to study acting at the Vancouver Film School. Canning’s television credits include Smallville, Kyle XY and two years as series regular “Jenna Sommers” on the hit show The Vampire Diaries. She also starred opposite James Van Der Beek and LeVar Burton in Lifetime’s Original Movie in Taken in Broad Daylight. In 2009, she earned the role of hardened homesteader “Maggie McGregor” in the award-winning Canadian period piece Black Field, for which she was honored with the “Best Performance” award at the Vancouver Women in Film and Television Festival.
Canning is currently writing two screenplays, in the hopes of bringing her own stories and characters to the screen.

Ann Rule Author
Ann Rule is one of America’s foremost true crime writers. Her family has been involved in law enforcement for several generations, and she herself was a Seattle Police Officer. Her prolific career as a writer has spanned more than 30 years. During that time, she has published over 1,400 articles and 30 books, the majority of which were based on real-life cases. Rule spends several months researching each of her non-fiction books and has attended scores of trials, interviewed cops, killers and prosecutors as well as visited the locations all over America where the crimes have occurred. She is a certified instructor who speaks on a myriad of subjects including serial murder, sadistic sociopaths, women who kill and high profile offenders. Rule has given presentations on these topics to the FBI, the American Academy of Forensic Science, and various law enforcement classes. Ann Rule wrote the definitive book on serial killer Ted Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me, and almost all of the award-winning author’s books have been on The New York Times Best-seller List.
In 2009, Lifetime Movie Network premiered two film adaptations of her most popular crime books - Ann Rule’s Too Late to Say Goodbye, starring Rob Lowe and the two-night miniseries event Ann Rule’s Everything She Ever Wanted, starring Gina Gershon.


Produced by Beau Pictures Inc. for Lifetime.


Dave -John Corbett

Beth -Sara Canning

Randy -Tygh Runyan

Mark -Matt Bellefleur

Reynolds -Garry Chalk

Seaver -Bo Derek


Directed by Allan Kroeker

Based on a book by Ann Rule

Teleplay by Teena Booth

Executive Producer Howard Braunstein

Executive Producer Jim Head

Produced by Ted Bauman

Director of Photography C. Kim Miles CSC

Production Designer Phil Schmidt

Edited by Rick Martin

Music by James Jandrisch

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Updated 9/17/11 


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