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How To Be a Gentleman cast

"How To Be a Gentleman" review by Suzanne
Airs Saturdays 8:30/7:30c on CBS

I thought this show was pretty funny....I guess I'm in the minority because they stopped making new episodes, which is usually a bad sign. I think the idea of the show is very original and leads to a lot of comedy. Also, I like the actors, especially Dave Foley and Kevin Dillon.

I think if they made this show just a little funnier, it would be a big hit. The show stars David Hornsby (who also created the show) as Andrew. He likes to have manners, and to have old-fashioned values and dress, etc. He writes a column about these things for a magazine. His magazine is taken over, so he has to learn to write more like a normal person. In the meantime, he meets an old high school acquaintance, Bert, who is the Oscar to his Felix. He teaches Bert more about manners, and Bert teaches him more about being a real man. It's very entertaining, for the most part.

The show has the other people in Andrew's life, like his mom, his sister (Mary Lynn Rajskub, another favorite), her husband, his boss (Foley), and more. They are all just backdrops to the central two characters of Bert and Andrew. I hope they give this show another chance because I think it could be really good.

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Updated 11/12/11 


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