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Hart of Dixie cast

"Hart of Dixie" review by Suzanne
Mondays at 9/8c on The CW

I like this show, but the writing could be better. It is about Dr. Zoe Hart, a heart surgeon from New York City. She gets offered a job in this small coastal Alabama town, Blue Bell. She goes there and learns that the old doctor who offered her the job is dead, and he left his practice to her. Then she finds out that he was her real father, so she decides to stay, even though she hates living there.

I used to live in Alabama (not in a small town like this one, and not on the coast), and I hated it, too, so I do enjoy the show for that reason. In some ways, the show seems accurate to a small town in Alabama, but in other ways it really isn't. So it all depends on whether you like shows to be very realistic or not.

It doesn't have many black people, or fat people, like a real Alabama town would. I also didn't see any NASCAR posters or churches...religion is really big down here and everyone uses phrases like "blessing" in their every-day life. And I have to wonder where the tourists are, if it's a small coastal town. I wish at least they would explain that. Also, they said the nearest "fancy coffee" is 11 miles away, which also makes no sense if they are on the coast. If they aren't a tourist town, they would probably be near one. They don't all have Starbucks, but they'd least have a Joe Muggs or a Seattle's best -- something! Even the gas stations in the south have that, just like everywhere else. In the second episode, she didn't recognize tick paralysis, and they kept saying that New York doesn't have ticks. Wrong, guess again! Where do they think Lyme disease was discovered? New York! A lot of New Yorkers hunt and fish, and they go to Long Island and get ticks. And their dogs get ticks, too. I have to wonder who is writing this show and why they aren't doing their homework.

I do like the actors, and the characters, and the basic story....I just wish they wouldn't do stupid things sometimes. Like when Lemon was mad at her in the second episode for running into her parade float. Why didn't she just say, "there was a medical emergency, but I can't tell you who it was because of doctor-patient confidentiality". That would have cleared the whole thing up. She could also have said, look, I'm apologizing. Doesn't Jesus say something about forgiveness?" Lemon would have had to have been nice to her right there, in front of all those people.

Anyway, if you really like Rachel Bilson, then you will probably enjoy the show. Also, if you are a Bama football fan, it has many Bama references and logos. The town's mayor is a former pro football player who played for Bama, and the local bar is the Rammer Jammer, among other things.

What I don't understand is that The CW had a great show last year, Hellcats, that also took place in the south (Memphis), and they canceled it. Why replace it with a show that is not nearly as good?

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Updated 10/6/11 


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