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"H8R" review by Suzanne
Airs Wednesdays, 8/7c on The CW

I don't like or watch reality shows. The premise of this one certainly sounds interesting: Celebrities meet up with people who have said they hate them, and they try to get them to change their minds. Trouble is, the "celebrities" they get seem to be so D-List, it's hard to care. I know that "Snooki" is a big deal, but I barely know who she is, since I have never watched Jersey Shore. The second guy on the first episode is Jake Pavelka from The Bachelorette, which I have never watched. It would be more fun if they got bigger celebrities. Imagine having really hated people like Mel Gibson, George Bush, O.J. Simpson, Sarah Palin or Simon Cowell? So far it looks like the most famous person they have for upcoming episodes is Eva Longoria.

The actual first episode was somewhat entertaining. They get a "normal" person who hates the celebrity to talk about them on-camera. The person thinks they are auditioning for some other reality show. The things they say about the celebrity are pretty funny. The guy who hated Snooki was pretty much a big dumb dope, and Snooki easily won him and his family over by making them dinner. The girl who hated Pavelka seemed like she was not too bright, and maybe she had trouble figuring out the difference between reality and TV, so even though Jake Pavelka tried his darnedest to win her over, she resisted. Then again, he seems like Mr. Shallow, so they were kind of a match made in heaven that way.

If you like to see manufactured drama, then this show is definitely for you. I wonder if they will get many more "real" celebrities or just a bunch of reality show throwbacks? Besides Longoria, the second episode features another guy I never heard of: Scott Disick. Apparently he was in "Keeping up with the Kardashians".

It would certainly also be more entertaining if this were more of a "real" show and it didn't feel like everything was a complete lie or set-up. Reality shows are usually better at making you think it's real, at least I think so. This one just didn't seem very real. I wish someone would make a real reality show. I don't mean just turn the camera on and let it run. Some editing is fine, but it would be great if they really did pick random people and not try to go for certain "types" or try to make a kind of plot and fit people into that. Mario Lopez is the host, and he seems to be really enjoying himself. I always liked him.

I think this is the only new reality show this fall season besides The X-Factor. Maybe that's a sign that they are waning in popularity? I sure hope so...I would rather see more scripted shows, and I think most people would agree with that.

Here's a question to ponder: If being on a reality show makes you a celebrity, then are these people who are hating the celebs on this show, now celebrities themselves? In which case, could they come back on this show as a celebrity that someone else hates? The mind boggles! I doubt the show will last to another season, though.

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Updated 9/19/11 


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