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Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn

"Free Agents" review by Suzanne
Airs Wednesdays, 8:30/7:30c on NBC

It's always hard to tell from the first episode of a comedy whether it's good or not. They often spend so much time setting up who everyone is, that they don't put many jokes in. This one has some really likable people and great actors, and it made me giggle a little, but it still needs to be funnier.

Hank Azaria plays Alex, a PR guy who just went through a divorce. He is still reeling from this and breaks out crying sometimes. The show starts with him in bed with Emma, a woman he works with. She is still trying to get over the death of her fiancee. Sounds like a depressing concept, but it's not. They work in an office with, of course, your usual Silly People that seem to exist in every sitcom. At least it is not the worst comedy I've seen this year. The people don't seem like they're trying too hard, and they are somewhat realistic.

Anthony Stewart Head, whom you may remember from "Merlin" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" steals the show here somewhat as Alex's boss. All of the actors do a terrific job. It's only the writing that needs work.

Azaria was just fabulous in every other show of his that I've seen, especially Huff! on Showtime. He is way better than this show. I hope it improves in subsequent episodes. I would watch the show if there was nothing else on.

Check it out!

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Updated 9/19/11 


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