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Dirty Soap cast

"Dirty Soap" review by Suzanne
Sundays at 10:30/9:30c on E!

I love soap operas, and soap opera actors, so even though I don't normally watch reality shows, I like this one. I even put it on my DVR, so I can watch it all season. It is great to get a little inside peek into some of my favorite soap actors' lives.

Is it really true? That's up for us to decide. Brandon Beemer, one of the stars, claimed on Twitter that it is true. I have read many interviews with these actors in the soap magazines, and they described the show as being true. They said that they had cameras in their homes three times a week for quite a while, and they also taped some of it with their own video cameras.
Carolyn Hinsley, a writer for Soap Opera Digest, suggested on her Facebook page that the show is not real; that it's like other reality shows.

I'm guessing that the truth lies somewhere in-between. They videotaped the stars, but they may have had them play up some bits for dramatic purposes. Either way, though, it is entertaining. These are all young people with gobs of money and a fairly glamorous life, so it's fun to watch.

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Updated 10/6/11 


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