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"Covert Affairs" review by Suzanne
Season Finale Tuesday December 6th on USA Network

I am not a regular viewer of this show. It's a fine show - I just don't have time to watch everything! I always meant to watch it. I watched the first episode and it was very good.  This season finale is also great. Since I don't normally watch the show, I didn't understand some of the politics, and there is a lot of that. However, the main part is the action, and the relationships between the characters.

Annie, the heroine, has a thing for Auggie, who is blind. They both work for the CIA. There are some really nice moments between them, but things don't end well. Auggie gets some bad news in this episode, and it causes him to make a decision.

Also, there's some political stuff with Jai and Arthur that I didn't get. Jai gets in trouble for something, and Arthur helps him out, unexpectedly.  The main plot, though, has Annie going on vacation with her sister to Switzerland.

They get in trouble, of course, and there's lot of shooting, running and more.  Anyway, it's a very good episode! You should watch it.

Episode description: Annie flies to Stockholm Sweden, Vienna of the North, with her sister Danielle with plans of fulfilling a mission while enjoying some downtime. A romantic trip abroad soon becomes complicated and even life threatening.

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