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Charlie's Angels

"Charlie's Angels" review by Suzanne
Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC

This is a pretty good reboot of the old 70's show. They have updated it but still kept the basic idea of three sexy girls who are private eyes. Their Bosley is young and sexy, though, not like the middle-aged guy from the old show. However, they did a very funny thing. We hadn't seen him yet, and one of the girls is in a hotel looking for him (they are all undercover), and she calls out his name. We see a middle-aged guy who is almost an exact replica of the 70's Bosley, turn and smile. Then he moves and behind him we see the hot young Latino guy in the jacuzzi with two bikini-clad women - the new Bosley. That was very cute.

They killed off one of the girls in the first episode and replaced her with another one. We'll give them a "nice try", but it didn't really work. We need to really know who these girls are before we care about that. The show has plenty of good action, drama, etc. I think it is worth watching if you like action/adventure types of shows. It's not a waste of your time.

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Updated 10/6/11 


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