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The Angels

"Charlie's Angels" review by Suzanne
Airs Thurdays 8/7c on ABC

The original show was very much of its time. The writing in TV dramas were not very high quality back then. This particular show was aimed more at showing how sexy the girls were, and getting male TV audiences to watch them, then at being a good drama. Still, it wasn't a bad action drama, and it was nice to have some female action heroes at that time (even if they were kind of sex objects, too).

The show has been updated for modern TV audiences, so it's a pretty action/cop drama. The "angels" are fine actresses and do a good job looking pretty as well as running around and catching bad guys.

I thought the first episode was pretty good. About ten minutes in, there is a big shocker when one of the angels is killed off. Later, she is replaced by another girl (her childhood friend). I thought it was fun when one of the angels was calling out "Bosley!" in a hotel, and we see this guy who looks almost exactly like the Bosley of the 1970's show, David Doyle. I wonder who that actor was because he looked PERFECT. But then he moves and we see the real Bosley, a young hot latino guy, who is in a hot tub with two women.  So they have very much updated Bosley, but I liked how they gave a nod to the older version, too.

The voice of Charlie is Victor Garber, who was so great in "Alias", and many other shows and movies. He has a wonderful voice and is a good choice for the role.

I would definitely watch this one regularly if I had more time to watch new shows. I know that ABC has put a lot of money into it and hopes it does well.

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Updated 9/30/11 


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