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"Burn Notice" review by Suzanne
Season Finale December 15th on USA Network

The season finale is really exciting and has some great guest stars.  Eric Roberts is the big bad guy. Dean Cain is another CIA agent.

Michael tries to take out Anson, but Anson wants him to do something bad to his CIA pal, Agent Pearce. The race is on with this episode to see who will outsmart whom. Michael is definitely backed into a corner on this one.

The ending is quite shocking! Great cliffhanger. I wish I could you more, but....spoilers are not allowed!

Burn Notice Episode: "Fail Safe" Season 5, Episode 18

Episode Synopsis: Michael receives his biggest CIA mission yet just as Anson's plans kick into high gear in the Season 5 finale. While Michael's on the job, Sam and Fiona keep an eye on Anson but may not be able to stop him. 

Guest Cast - Kristanna Loken: Rebecca Anderson Eric Roberts: Reed Perkins Dean Cain: Ryan Pewterbaugh Jere Burns: Anson Fullerton

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Updated 12/5/11 


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