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Butler and Ching

"The Bling Ring" review by Suzanne
Premieres in 2011 on Lifetime

This is an entertaining movie about some teenagers who start stealing from celebrities in L.A. It's apparently based on a true story. It's mostly told from the point of view of the boy, Zack (Austin Butler). These are not bad kids. They are in a continuation school for truancy, and they all have self-esteem problems. Zack gets together with Natalie (Yin Chang), who likes to take things. None of these kids apparently care that much about the money (although, they do sell the items for quite a lot of money). Their main goal, according to the movie, to be cool.

The idea is that they feel worthless, I guess, so stealing from celebrities makes them feel special. They parade around in their clothes and shoes, and they go to cool clubs, and they become cool at school and with their friends, as well as on the news.

Zack and Natalie get their friends to help them out; it's like they are having parties with their friends at other people's houses. They even film their crimes and put them up on youtube.

It would be hard to feel sorry for these kids except they are completely non-violent, and the actors who play the kids are so darn likable. Plus, Zack takes complete responsibility for his crimes.

I'm not really sure what the point of the movie is, though. I guess they figured it was interesting because they are just kids and not hardened criminals, and everything turns out (more or less) in the end. It seemed sort of pointless, though.

Jennifer Grey plays Zack's clueless mom, who stands up for him against his dad. His dad is kind of a jerk and puts him down a lot, but otherwise he treats him pretty well.

This was originally supposed to air August 8, but for some reason they are delaying it. I hope you get to see it soon!

More info:

Golden Globe Award nominated actress Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing, Dancing with the Stars), Austin Butler (Life Unexpected, Hannah Montana) and Yin Chang (Gossip Girl) star in The Bling Ring, a story inspired by the high-profile Hollywood burglary ring, premiering on Lifetime Television.

Inspired by a true story, The Bling Ring centers around "Zack" (Butler), a shy, awkward middle-class boy searching to be accepted by his high school classmates.  When he meets "Natalie" (Chang), a seemingly nice girl but in actuality a bit more nefarious than one would think, the promise of popularity and friendship soon becomes a reality when they begin 'shopping' in the closets of the rich and famous.  Empowered by the thrill of not getting caught and under the impression the stolen goods will make them popular, Zack, Natalie and a few other friends begin breaking into the homes of a number of major celebrities, robbing them of millions of dollars in clothes, shoes and jewelry.  As their crimes begin to attract the attention of the media, the group succeeds in becoming the envy of their peers.  Meanwhile, Zack's mother, "Iris" (Grey), happy to see that her son has finally made friends, is blissfully unaware of his crime spree...until it begins to attract the wrong kind of attention and the authorities arrest the culprits, bringing their Bling Ring to a halt.

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Updated 8/10/11 


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