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"Being Human" review by Suzanne
Mondays 9/8c on Syfy

Syfy sent me the first two episodes of this is a really good show. I am a big fan of the original, and I have been watching this show since it started, too.  The writing and acting are very good. About 2/3 of the way through last season, the storylines started to really divulge from the UK version. That's a good thing because this show really needed to grow and thrive on its own, particularly since a) the UK version has very short seasons, and b) some of the major actors on the original have left.

The stories are great, and the new season is fabulous. In the season premiere, it is a month later than last season.  Aidan, who is struggling to control the new vampires that Bishop made, has to meet with the mother of the vampires, who wants to kill them. Josh prepares for the new moon.  His girlfriend, Nora, wants to know more about being a werewolf, but he doesn't want to tell her, not knowing that she is worried about it because of scratches she got from him.  Sally goes to her high school reunion and meets a new ghost friend.  The second episode, coming this week, is even better. There is a lot about Sally and her new friends, and things she learns about being a ghost.  Aidan digs up the vampire mother's daughter, Suren. They clearly had a relationship in the past. He tries to stick to this non-human ideals, but it's hard for her to understand.  Nora turned into a werewolf and killed someone, but she has trouble remembering it. Josh has to help her deal with it all. He keeps trying to stay "normal".

It's a really good show. You should definitely watch it.

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Updated 1/16/12 


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