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Awake on NBC

"Awake" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 10/9C on NBC

This is a very good show. I just hope NBC gives it a chance. There are so many good shows that the networks seem to like because they think they will be successful like "Lost".  Shows like this that may-or-may-not have science fiction elements and have very complicated plots. Yet, most of them are not successful. We viewers get sucked in and then get so disappointed when the show gets canceled after one season.  And then the networks wonder why we are reluctant to watch the next show!

This one is really good, so I hope you are able to tune in and stay with it. I hope it gets a good chance. You've probably heard by now that it's about a man, Michael Britten, who was in a terrible car accident with his wife and son.  He then has two realities to contend with every time he wakes up. In one, his wife is alive, but his son is dead. In the other, his son is alive and his wife is dead. He can't tell which is the real one and which is the dream.  He clearly has some kind of post-traumatic stress, and he is going to a psychiatrist (a different one in which reality). He is also a police detective, so he has two different cases going in each reality.

The first episode told us most of that. He also figured out that there were clues to the crime in one reality, in the other reality, which help him solve the cases. By the second episode, we learn a whole lot more.  The show gets more complex as time goes on and we learn more clues. We don't know if he is really dreaming or if he is dealing some sort of alternate reality. He could be drugged or maybe he's unconscious and both are dreams.  There are endless possibilities.

The story is compelling, but the acting is also great and there are some really good actors in the show. Movie star Jason Isaacs ("Harry Potter", "The Patriot") stars as Michael Britten. Wilmer Valderrama ("That 70's Show") plays his partner in one of the realities. BD Wong ("Law & Order: SVU") and Cherry Jones ("24") play his shrinks.  Laura Allen ("The 4400") plays his wife. Laura Innes ("ER", "The Event") plays Michael's police captain, who clearly knows something about Michael's accident. They all do fabulous work on this, especially Isaacs. He is British, but you wouldn't know it.   Isaacs is also co-producer of the show, and the writers are from great shows like "24" and many others.

I look forward to seeing more of the show, and I hope NBC is smart enough to keep it around. You should definitely check it out!

Our interviews with Jason Isaacs and with BD Wong and Cherry Jones

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Updated 3/14/12 


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