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Against the Wall

"Against the Wall" review by Suzanne
Sundays at 10pm/9c on Lifetime

I really like this show. For years I have wondered why they haven't made a show about Internal Affairs. It would seem to be a really exciting idea. However, I guess they would rather pretend that cops don't do bad things and that IA is just full of "rats". On most cop shows, they call IA the "rat squad", which I'm guessing is what a lot of real-life cops call it.

However, I remember the movie Serpico where he took on the whole corrupt police force. Cops should not be corrupt. They should not do bad or illegal things. They are there to be the good guys and arrest the bad guys. Unfortunately, cops are people, and they are easily corruptible. That's why you need IA, to go after the bad cops.

Personally, if I were a cop, I would think IA is a good thing. If I'm a good person doing my job, I would want them to get rid of the bad people in the job. It makes no sense otherwise.

In this show, the heroine Abby (Rachael Carpani) gets a job at IA simply because she wants to be a detective and they had the only opening. It's tough for her because her dad is a retired cop (ably played by Treat Williams), and her three brothers are all cops. Also, she has a lot of sex with another cop that her brother is partnered with. She is reluctant to tell her family, especially her father, about her new job, and rightly so because they do not react well.

I read a review in Entertainment Weekly where they were complaining that Abby is not strong enough and that she shouldn't care so much about what her dad thinks. That is ridiculous. Most young people care what their parents think. It's not like she didn't take the job because of her dad. She did what she wanted, regardless of tensions with him. She is her own strong, independent woman. Of course there is going to be conflict in any TV show.

Kathy Baker plays her mom, and she is also another strong woman on the show. Marisa Ramirez, who has been on many daytime and primetime shows, plays her pregnant partner. Another strong woman!

Watching the pilot episode went really fast. It was that enjoyable. At the end of the pilot, something shocking happens. You don't want to miss it! I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes.

Carpani reminds me a little bit of Nicole Kidman mixed with Meg Ryan. Like Kidman, she is Australian, but she plays an American here.

UPDATE: I'm still watching this show, and I enjoy it. The family dynamics are interesting, and so is the way that Abby deals with work and the problems she encounters there.

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Updated 8/17/11 


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