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"2 Broke Girls" review by Suzanne
Airs Mondays 8:30/7:30c on CBS

It's tough to review the first episodes of these sitcoms because it seems like the writers are trying so hard to introduce the characters and their situations, that they leave little room for the comedy. Sometimes shows are funnier as you keep watching them in later episodes (if they last that long).

This seems like one that might work if they just make it funnier. I like the characters and the type of jokes they do, but they just need to make me laugh more. I wouldn't bother tuning in otherwise.

One girl is a bossy waitress. The other is a girl who used to be rich but is now working as a waitress. They end up sharing an apartment together (and a horse). Workplace comedies can be funny....I guess we're supposed to sympathize since we're all having financial problems right now.  But we'll have to wait and see if they one gets funny.

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Updated 9/27/11 


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