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Morrow and Tierney in "The Whole Truth"

"The Whole Truth" season premiere review by Suzanne
Wednesdays 10/9 c on ABC

I love Rob Morrow, but I wasn't sure if I would like the new show or not. It's another legal show. I do like legal dramas, but this one is not just about the cases. It's about how the defense and prosecution each work against each other and compete. Morrow plays Jimmy Brogan, the driven defense lawyer. Morrow is good as a lawyer, but I am having a little trouble believing that he's Irish and not Jewish, since he usually plays very Jewish characters. That's a very tiny complaint, though. Maura Tierney plays the Assistant D.A. Katheryn Pearle. They have very good chemistry.

The first episode was about this man that had supposedly murdered this girl, his student. I thought that Brogan's case was pretty weak, but then it seemed to get stronger near the end, yet the prosecution won. They also told us at the very end whether he was guilty or not. The legal story, though, is secondary to the fact that it's a battle between Brogan and Pearle.

If you like legal shows, you will enjoy this show. It is very good drama.

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Updated 9/30/10 


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