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"The Closer" review by Suzanne
"War Zone" airing Monday, August 30 at 9 pm et/pt

Normally, I only review new shows, but TNT keeps sending me free disks of upcoming episodes, so I feel I must review them.  "The Closer" has been on for a while now. It's in its sixth season and is very successful (or at least as successful as any cable TV show can be!).

The show has very good writing and a great cast, but whether you like the show or not probably hinges on whether you like Kyra Sedgewick in her role as Brenda.  She is great, but I guess some people have trouble with such a strong woman (not me of course!).

I confess that I don't watch the show regularly. It's just that I watch too much TV. I have some of the DVD sets and have watched many episodes. I hope to watch them all eventually. It's a very good show.

This latest episode on August 30th, "War Zone" is great. It guest-stars one of my favorite actors, Gary Cole, as an army major who gets involved when three army guys are shot.  Cole is very handsome, but this army haircut is very unflattering.  But otherwise, it's a very entertaining episode. The ending is really shocking. I have to wonder if there will be any fall-out for the Brenda character after what she does in this episode. Stay tuned!

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Updated 8/29/10 


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