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Saget and new buddies

"Strange Days with Bob Saget" review by Suzanne
Fridays on A&E

Normally, I don't like reality shows. The worst ones are awful and the best ones are, well, boring, at least to me. This one is not bad. It's pretty funny, actually. Actor/Comedian Bob Saget traveled around the country, getting to know various groups of people, what is called the "underbelly" or "sub-culture".  He tried to get in with each group and see what it is like.

The results are entertaining and sometimes even moving. Saget narrates, and he can be pretty funny.  In the first episode, he joins a biker group.  He does a good job of commenting on the experience without being condescending or mean to the people. That's probably why they like him and let him into their little groups.

Check it out! You'll be glad you did. I hope the show comes back for another season.

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Updated 2/7/10 


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