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"Smoke Screen" review by Suzanne
Premieres Sunday November 21 at 8 pm ET/5 pm on Lifetime Movie Network

Jamie PresslyThis was a really good movie. I enjoyed it quite a lot. You never know what quality of movie you will get on cable.  This had good quality acting and writing. It is an intriguing mystery fraught with suspense and danger, and there is even a bit of romance.

The movie takes place in Charlotte, South Carolina, and they do a fine job of establishing the place, the tone, the pace, the accents, etc. of the South.  Jamie Pressly, whom you may know from "My Name Is Earl", tackles a serious role here as a newswoman named Britt. I don't want to spoil the story for you, but something shocking happens to her at the beginning, and it leads her on a chase and ties to an older news story that she covered. Along the way, she runs into an interesting guy in a very unusual way, and they bond amid the danger and action. That's about all I can without giving important plot points away.

Currie Graham is the hero of the story, and I have to say I really think he is great. I have seen him in so many of my favorite shows over the years, including "House", "The Practice", "The Mentalist" and "Men in Trees", so it was great to see him star in this movie.  He is a really interesting actor.  He and Pressly have great chemistry, too.

The story starts out kind of slow, but it gets more interesting as it goes on. Stick with it and you won't be sorry.

Press Release:

Things will heat up this November when Lifetime Movie Network premiers Sandra Brown's Smoke Screen, starring Emmy Award-winning actress Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Early) and Currie Graham (NYPD Blue).  An action-packed story about corruption, betrayal and abuse of power, the original movie is based on world-renowned author Sandra Brown's New York Times bestseller of the same name.  Brown is the author of 59 top-sellers, all of which have jumped onto the Times' list in the number one to five spot.

Sandra Brown’s Smoke Screen premieres on Sunday, November 21, 2010, at 8:00 PM ET/ 5:00 PM PT on Lifetime Movie Network. 

Sandra Brown’s Smoke Screen follows newswoman Britt Shelley (Pressly), who shockingly wakes up in bed next to the dead body of Detective Jay Burgess and she is suspected of foul play.  Five years prior, Jay’s lifelong friend Raley Gannon (Graham) also woke up next to a dead body and, after learning of Britt’s scandal and the similarities between their two cases, realizes she might be his only chance for vindication.  As the two unravel their mysterious cases together, they find themselves caught in a dangerous political cover-up involving arson and murder.

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Updated 11/20/10 


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