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She's Got the Look

"She's Got the Look" season premiere  by Suzanne
On TV Land starting August 25th

I don't usually watch any reality shows, but TV Land gave me the first episode of this season, and it was interesting to watch. I can see why some people love finding out about the various contestants on the shows and then rooting for their favorites.

This show has an appeal for someone my age, since it is to find a modeling career for a woman over 40. Being 48 myself, I enjoyed watching it for that reason.

To their credit, most of the women in this competition are "regular-looking", not like you might expect the stereotype model to look. They are pretty, sure, but most are not beautiful or stunning. Of course, they look better once they do up their hair, makeup, etc.

In this first episode, they put the models through a challenge where they post in swim suits while a local L.A. "celebrity" poses with them. One woman is eliminated. Unfortunately, you don't learn who it is until the second episode! I guess they figure you'll come back for the second episode to find that out. It kind of annoyed me, to be honest. I put in that whole hour for nothing!

If I normally watched reality shows, though, I'd probably tune in to this one regularly. It is intriguing to see who will win, and what they will go through to get it.

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Updated 8/4/10 


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