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Jimmy Smits

"Outlaw" review by Suzanne
Fridays 10/9 c on NBC

I didn't expect to love "Outlaw", even though I am a big fan of Jimmy Smits. The NBC web site did not make it sound as exciting as it is.

The premise of the show is that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court suddenly goes from being conservative to liberal.  Not only that, but he quits the supreme court to become a defense attorney. Now, this is a pretty far-fetched premise, even with the interesting story they weave.

Jimmy Smits plays Cyrus Garza, the chief justice in question. His father, who was a liberal that stood up for causes, died recently in a car accident. This has made Garza re-think his political opinions and come around more to his dad's way of thinking.

I love legal dramas, but they can sometimes be dry and boring. This one is not at all. First of all, it has an unusual angle that you don't usually find in legal dramas. Secondly, Smits may be playing the role of his lifetime here. He is ON FIRE. That is how exciting he is to watch in this role. The role is a good one because he is an "outlaw". He gambles and chases the ladies, and now he chases the court cases that seem unwinnable. He does a great job with the role. I'm sure that after seeing his tour de force on "Dexter", someone realized that he could play lighter, or at least more exciting, roles.

The rest of the cast is good. The writing is outstanding. Shaky premise aside, it twists and turns and does think you will not expect. That is very unusual on TV today - to find a drama that actually surprises you and is not predictable.

Watch it and you won't be sorry! I only choose one new show to watch each fall, and this is it for me, this fall. Hopefully, like last year's "Glee", I am choosing a winner...

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Updated 9/20/10 


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