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One Born Every Minute

"One Born Every Minute" review by Suzanne
Airs Tuesdays at 10pm et/pc on Lifetime

I don't watch or like reality least this one really is, um, real, at least to a certain extent. These are not actors who auditioned to be on the show and just want to become rich and famous. This is a real hospital with real doctors, nurses, patients, etc. They are in real life situations that can be exciting, harrowing, and tear-inducing. No need to manufacture too much drama because it's already there.

This is about a maternity ward in a hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The series basically shows what couples go through to have a baby successfully. Of course it still is heavily edited and they know the cameras are there, so that makes it not quite like reality, but it's about as close as you're going to get without hidden cameras and hours of boring footage! :) No one wants that, not even me.

Some reality shows make you feel like you need a shower afterwards. They are about scuzzy people doing disgusting things, or you feel like the show is taking advantage of stupid people. This one is not at all like that. These are just regular people having babies, and everyone can relate to that (even those of us who are not having babies, ever). It is uplifting and even aspiring.

The series is 8 episodes, each an hour long. I suspect they will be making more shows in the future if it does well. I only have two complaints that would keep me from watching it regularly. For one thing, some of the parents are really ugly. I don't mean just fat, of course, from being pregnant, but UGLY. If I want to see ugly people, I'll go down to the mall or a bar, you know? I watch TV to see better-looking people. Okay, so I'm shallow. You know I'm right and most people agree with me.  Secondly, I don't enjoy hearing people scream and cry, no matter what their ages. In this show you get to hear lots of women screaming, and babies crying. Too annoying.

Otherwise, if you are really into maternity and all that sort of thing, this is an interesting and good show.  That is a rare thing, in my opinion, for a reality show.  It is also a bit of an eye opener if you've never had a baby before (or been married to someone who has). It's not just interesting because of the actual giving birth and all that leads up to it, but seeing the different types of couples and their personalities, and the doctors and other workers at the hospital...that is very interesting. They did seem to pick patients who weren't boring.

Check it out, and you can view episodes online, too!

Press info:

Synopsis: In eight, hour-long episodes, the series takes an indepth look at life inside the maternity ward at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, as expectant mothers enter their final stage of pregnancy. From the delivery room, to the operating room, to the front desk, to the nursesí station...40 cameras roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to capture the high drama, humor and overwhelming emotion of child birth as new lives begin and others change forever. One Born Every Minute is based on the popular U.K. format.

Premiere Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT New episodes air Tuesdays at 10PM ET/PT

Production company: Reveille Independent

Executive producers: Elisabeth Murdoch (MasterChef)
Howard T. Owens (MasterChef)
Daniel Soiseth (Americaís Next Top Model)
Robin Ashbrook (Live to Dance)
Shelley Schulze (Trauma: Life in the ER)
Sanjay Singhal (The Event: How Racist are You?)
JoAnn Alfano, Gena McCarthy and Sandy Varo Jarrell of Lifetime Television.


Dr. Stu Jones: Chief of Womenís Health.

Dr. Stu Jones has been at Riverside for 18 years. When heís not in a delivery you can usually find him hanging out at the nursesí station, joking with the residents or posing for the family albums holding the baby heís just delivered.

Dr. Rhonda Gaiser: Attending Physician.

Dr. Rhonda Gaiser has been a Labor and Delivery attending physician for 15 years. A ball of energy and a legend at Riverside, Gaiser has been known to jump four flights of stairs to get to a delivery and has no problem straddling a woman to help push the baby out.

Dr. Minnie: Labor and Delivery Attending.

Dr. Minnie has been at Riverside Methodist hospital for seven years. Coming from three generations of doctors, she was destined to follow in their footsteps. Among the residents she is known as a strict teacher.

Dr. Matt Mingione: Specializing in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Dr. Matt Minigione has been at Riverside Methodist hospital for four years, specializing in Maternal Fetal Medicine. Originally from a small town in Ohio, his mom was the driving force behind him accomplishing his dream. When a family is facing tough decisions, complications and fetal anomalies, he is there to get them through the rough times.

Dr. Brianna Paulson: Intern.

Dr. Brianna Paulson is only two months into her residency and is still adjusting trying to keep up with the fast pace Labor and Delivery floor while learning on the go.


Mary Engleheart: Labor and Delivery RN Nurse Manager.

Mary Engleheart has been at Riverside Methodist hospital for 21 years. She has two adopted sons and although she has never experienced labor herself, she can relate to her patients mother to mother. Engleheart loves the high-risk emergency cases where the whole team flies into action to save a baby and mom against all the odds.

Kristen Beckman: Labor and Delivery RN.

Kristen Beckman has been at Riverside Methodist for seven years. Beckman is also a mother so she has a good idea of what labor is really like and she doesnít sugar coat the experience for her patients. In her opinion, the hardest part starts when you leave the hospital with the baby.

Carmen Rankin: Labor and Delivery RN.

Carmen Rankin has been a Labor and Delivery RN for 15 years. As a teacher and a nurturer at heart, she loves helping young mothers through labor and educating them about parenting and childbirth.

Amanda Monihan: Labor and Delivery RN.

Amanda Monihan has been working at Riverside Methodist for four years. She enjoys working nights because the nurses and residents like to have fun when management is gone. When the lights are slow, and things are slow they do everything from birthing ball races to IV pole dancing.

Jennifer Tokasah: Labor and Delivery RN.

Even after being at Riverside for 11 years, Jennifer still gets teary when the dadís cry. She also loves to try and get the moms to look into the mirror when the baby comes out because she thinks itís such an amazing thing to see.

Chrys Beebe: Labor and Delivery RN.

Chrys has been a Labor and Delivery nurse at Riverside for almost 10 years. She has two daughters, both of whom were born prematurely at Riverside, so she knows first-hand just how good her L&D colleagues are at their jobs. She loves coming in to work every day because she knows she'll get to play a major role in one of the most important days of her patient's lives.

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