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Kate Capshaw as Sarah

"One Angry Juror" review by Suzanne
Premieres on Lifetime Monday, November 15 at 9 pm ET/PT

This is a good film. I enjoyed it quite a lot. At first I didn't think the heroine, Sarah (Kate Capshaw), was very likable, but then we realize she is just very busy.  One she sees what is going on, she is concerned, and then you root for her.

Sarah is a corporate lawyer who gets picked for jury duty. She tries not to get on the jury, but they pick her, anyway. She finds that many of her fellow jurors just want out of there and are ready to convict the guy who is up for murder.  She is the only dissenter, and she convinces others that there are not enough facts to convict him. 

Then because there is a hung jury, he is to be re-tried again. His grandmother begs her to be his lawyer. Even though she already has a job and is not a defense attorney, she takes the case. Yes, that's a little silly, but it is otherwise very well-written. We see her go through the whole process of finding more evidence and going to trial.

It's an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours, and the acting is solid.  The fat guy from "Cold Case" is in it, too, and he is fun in this role. Another familiar actor, Michael Jai White, plays his private detective.  I'm not saying it's completely unpredictable, but it's worth watching.

It almost seemed like one of those TV show pilots. I would say that the only flaw is that the show is set in New Orleans, and I did not get that feel from it one bit. It could have been any city.

Press Release:


LOS ANGELES, CA (October 13, 2010) - Popular television and film actress Jessica Capshaw (Grey's Anatomy, The Practice) stars as a woman out for justice on behalf of a man accused of murder in the Lifetime Original Movie, One Angry Juror. The film will premiere Monday, November 15, at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime Television.

Based on a true story, One Angry Juror follows the story of Sarah Walsh (Capshaw), a tough, opinionated, no-nonsense New Orleans attorney who has been chosen to serve on the jury of a murder trial. Reluctantly serving her duty, she is apathetic towards the defendant until she is convinced that he may actually be innocent. Unwavering, Sarah deadlocks the jury to secure a mistrial. When they retry the case, she partners with the defense attorney Donald Burston (Jeremy Ratchford, Cold Case) and detective Derrick White (Michael Jai White, Why Did I Get Married Too?) and the investigation leads them through a dangerous maze of corruption. With the support of her husband (Jonathan Scarfe, ER), Sarah begins to reconcile her own past and realize that she is one man's last chance for freedom.


Capshaw is best known for her roles as "Dr. Arizona Robbins" on ABC's Grey's Anatomy and "Jamie Stringer" on David E. Kelley's The Practice. In 1997, she appeared in her first theatrical feature, The Locusts, with Kate Capshaw, Vince Vaughn, Ashley Judd, Paul Rudd and Jeremy Davies. Capshaw graduated from Brown University in 1998 with a degree in English Literature. She also attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Program in London while on a break from Brown. Her additional film roles include Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise; Denial, with Patrick Dempsey; The Love Letter, opposite Blythe Danner and Ellen DeGeneres; The Mesmerist, with Neil Patrick Harris; and The Groomsmen, featuring Edward Burns. Her television resume also includes roles on ER, Bones, The L Word and Odd Man Out.


One Angry Juror is produced by One Angry Road Productions Ltd. for Lifetime. Emmy(r) winner Craig Baumgarten (A Street Car Named Desire, Shattered Glass, Never Back Down) and Adam Merims (Shattered Glass, The Matador) are executive producers. Paul Kaufman (Sins of the Mother) also serves as executive producer and directed the screenplay from Rachel Abramowitz (Is that a Gun in Your Pocket?). Harvey Kahn (Lying to be Perfect) produced the film.

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Updated 11/3/10 


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