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"Nikita" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 9/8 c on The CW

This is the second TV show based on the French film "Nikita".  The first one, "La Femme Nikita" was very good, and I loved it. I didn't see, at first, why they should bother to make a second TV show. After viewing the first episode, though, I can see that it's a very different take on things.

In the movie, Nikita is a young girl caught in a crime, and the government fakes her death and trains her to become an assassin for the government. The first TV show was very similar to that. In this TV show, however, Nikita has already escaped the secret government agency (called Division), and she is working to destroy them so that they won't take advantage of other young people.

In the first episode, we learn that she is working with another young girl, who is on the inside of Division. The actress who plays Nikita, Maggie Q, is very unusual-looking, but pretty, and she works very well in the role.  Shane West, who was so great in "ER", plays her former handler at Division, Michael. Lyndsy Fonseca, who was in The Young & The Restless and has been on many primetime shows since, plays the young woman that has infiltrated Division. They all work very well, as do the other actors.

You may have seen "Alias" on ABC, or "Covert Affairs" on USA, both of which are similar shows to this one.  They all have strong female leads who dress up in a lot of outfits and run around shooting people. Alias tended to be kind of confusing at times, with hidden secrets and plots.  Covert Affairs is more fun - a good summer show.  Nikita comes down somewhere between the two of them in tone. It has a good balance between the physical stuff and the story. The action and thrills are great. It is well worth watching if you like spy or adventure type of shows.

I think that this Nikita is a lot more empowered than the previous versions. The others were basically victims of "The Man", whereas this Nikita is always one step ahead of them.  I think that is a great 21st century version of this story.

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Updated 9/20/10 


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