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"Louie" review by Suzanne
Review of episodes #12 and #13 "Gym" and "Night Out" (Season Finale) on FX

I have one basic rule for judging sitcoms: they have to make me laugh. Now, that may seem obvious, but there are a surprising number out there that are just not funny to me. And I'm not that picky. The second rule is that the people in the show can't be so annoying that it doesn't matter how funny it is, I want to stop watching. (In case you're wondering, that would include "Everybody Loves Raymond" but not "Married with Children")

I am happy to say that "Louis" is a funny show and has somewhat-likable characters. At least they're not annoying. Louis is a comedian, and the show is about him and his life, being divorced and trying to raise two daughters, and dating women at 42. There is a lot of fantasy and fun with his imagination and the jokes he makes. We're supposed to believe that even though he's a successful comedian, he can't get laid because he's "old", fat, and bald (and he never smiles).

FX sent me the last two episodes of the season, and they are really good. Since it is cable, there is a lot of swearing and some really gross stuff. However, it's funny, anyway. You will laugh unless you are some sort of prude (in which case, stay away from FX!). You definitely want to tune in to the final two episodes and then go rent the other episodes when they come out on DVD! Or watch the reruns on FX. That's what I plan to do!

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Updated 9/15/10 


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