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Law and Order: Los Angeles cast

"Law and Order: Los Angeles" season premiere review by Suzanne
Wednesdays 10/9 c on NBC

I love Law & Order, and this show is still Law & Order, even though it's set in L.A. and has no "chung chung" sound at the beginning, and no murder (at least at first). It is still Law & Order because it has the great writing, good casting, fine acting, and police-and-lawyer views of the world. Training that eye on L.A. and all its colorful citizens was a good idea. Even though it may not seem as gritty as NYC, it definitely is in its own way once you look past the glamor of Hollywood.

Like other Law & Order shows, this one has a fine ensemble cast that includes Skeet Ulrich (of Jericho), Corey Stoll (NCIS) and movie stars Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard. They work together with all the others as a very fine cast.

If audiences stick with this, I think it will be as successful as the other Law & Order shows. I still wish they had kept the original around, though. I thought it was very good the past two years and that they gave up on it way too easily, particular since it got good ratings once they put it in Jay Leno's place.

Anyway, it's a very good cop drama, solidly entertaining.

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Updated 10/5/10 


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