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"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" review by Suzanne
Airs Thursdays 10/9 c on FX

FX sent me a disk of this season's shows. I used to watch this show regularly, but I gave it up after a while. It really hasn't changed, and that's the problem. It has the same jokes over and over. Essentially, it's just not my kind of humor. I can only take stupid people doing stupid things so long. The show is not funny enough to make the people less irritating.

The show's characters are very stupid and self-destructive. They do stupid things, and they never learn. Other people can't believe how stupid they are.  Not only that, but they lack morals or judgement of any kind. They are unlovable losers, although they don't think they are losers.  Yet they never learn their lessons and continue being this way. And like I said, the show is not funny enough. If a comedy is going to have completely unlikable people, it has to be very funny for me to enjoy it.

The actors are great in this, but the writing is not as good as the acting. Sorry, FX. I like most of your shows, but from what I've seen, your comedies are not as good as your dramas.

You can find tons of information about the show on our Primetime Forum!  We post lots of video clips etc.

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Updated 10/31/10 


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