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cast of House

"House" season premiere review by Suzanne
Tuesdays 8/7 c on FOX

I guess the writers at House feel that they have to always come up with new and interesting things for their characters. Personally, I like the medical stories, and House's witticisms, so they don't need to do all this soap opera stuff that they throw in lately. To me, that is the boring part of the show. I don't care who sleeps with whom; I only care about laughing at House's comments and seeing the outrageous things he says and does.

Last season had a dramatic ending with House trying to save a woman after this big disaster, but she died. Then Cuddy helped him not give in to his drug addiction and told him that she loved him. In the premiere episode, we see a lot of House and Cuddy chatting about their relationship. That is really boring, aside from a few funny House comments. Nobody wants to see House happy, but also no one wants to see him sit around and talking about his love life. They better send him back to the hospital right away.

The other parts of the show, with the other doctors, was fairly good, and funny. Not enough of Wilson, though!

Next week's House episode "Selfish" is back to the usual type of show, for the most part. There is a lot of stuff still about Cuddy and Greg, and how they work together. It is fairly interesting, but  it seems to take them a whole episode to figure out the obvious as far as how they should work together. Thank goodness the other part, with the patient, is back to normal!

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Updated 9/22/10 


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