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Hellcats cast

"Hellcats" review by Suzanne
Wednesday 9/8 c on The CW

Hellcats is about a young woman in Memphis who loses her college scholarship. She joins the cheerleading squad in order to get a scholarship. The girl, Marty, is a "townie" (meaning she grew up there) and has a background as a gymnast. Her father died, and her mom is a needy drunk. Marty wants to become a lawyer and move away (far away from her mother, who embarrasses her). She makes fun of cheerleaders and thinks they are airheads, but she ends up changing her mind.

For a show on The CW, about college, it is somewhat realistic. It's not a silly farce like "Glee", although it does have some Glee-like moments when the cheerleaders are dancing around. I have to say I did indeed enjoy the first episode, even though I am probably not the target audience, being way too old.  At least they do show them practicing, and talking about practicing (unlike Glee). I may be biased, though, since I was in choir but not a cheerleader. And I will say that Glee is a much better show in most ways.

The show is probably a lot like Gossip Girls or Greek, for those of you who watch those type of shows. It is not as good as The O.C., either, but it does have a good cast and is fun to watch. The acting is not bad, even among the younger people, and there are plenty of attractive people to watch, both male and female.

I don't know why, but the episode I watched did not have closed-captioning. Maybe it was just the local station I watch, but I hope it's not a trend. Do they think that deaf people don't watch their shows?  Let's hope it was just a glitch.  Also, the show does not film in Memphis, aside from a few establishing shots. We hear occasionally about the ribs or barbecue, but otherwise it could take place anywhere. Which is a shame because Memphis is a really interesting, colorful place. At least "Memphis Beat" tries to make it look like Memphis. This college could be anywhere.

Those few quibbles aside, I hope the show does well because it tries really hard to be entertaining.

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Updated 9/15/10 


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