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Cast of Harry's Law

"Harry's Law" review by Suzanne
Mondays 10/9pm on NBC

"Harry's Law" is a good show, especially if you miss "The Practice". Like that show, it is a David E. Kelly law show that is sometimes a little more preachy than it is realistic about the law. However, it's a very fun show, too. Not quite as silly as Ally McBeal, but it's fun.

Harriet is played by the great Kathy Bates. Her character is a patent attorney that got bored by that type of law, so she opened her own law office in a really bad part of town to take on other types of cases. She hires another lawyer and some assistants, who all come into her life in interesting ways. Also, the previous tenants of her office sold shoes, so there are lots of shoes around for her assistant to sell as well.

It's a fun, quirky show with lots of great legal cases and a way for us liberals to pull for doing the right thing and helping out the little guy, just like "The Practice". Although it's got a female main character, it's not quite as "girly" as "Drop Dead Diva", nor does it have the fantasy elements that show has. It's a really enjoyable show, though.

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Updated 2/1/10 


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