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Glamour Belles cast

"Glamour Belles" review by Suzanne
Premieres Wednesday, April 6 at 10 pm et/9 pm pt

Lifetime sent me a DVD with the first episode of their new reality show "Glamour Belles". Normally, I really don't like reality shows or watch them regularly, although I have reviewed quite a few. A lot of them feature really scummy people whom you wouldn't want to know. They argue and yell at each other, and sometimes they get into fights. The whole thing feels very contrived, as it probably is. Or they are the competition type of shows like American Idol or Survivor, which are really more like game shows. Or they are about people who need to improve their lives, like Hoarders or The Biggest Loser. I think they are mostly very degrading shows that feature the worst in humanity.

There are a few reality shows that are not that bad. They just feature regular people doing their jobs. Their jobs are interesting enough that they don't have to manufacture a lot of drama. There are several shows about companies that make cakes or cupcakes, for instance. This new show is a lot like that. It's about a dress shop called Joann's in Union City, Tennessee. The owner, Paige, is a very normal woman, and her customers are fairly normal people who just come in to buy gowns for special occasions, like weddings, pageants, proms, etc.

It may sound boring, but I think any girl or woman will like it. It features lots of pretty dresses, mostly worn by attractive people. If you like shows like Top Model or other design shows, you may like it. The dresses are gorgeous. I briefly worked in a clothing store, so I can relate, somewhat. Also, I live in the south, so these people sound a lot like my neighbors.

The colorful characters in the show include a gay guy who works there, and Paige's mom, who is on some kind of medication. It seems to be more of a "reality" show than most that I've seen. I mean, I'm sure they do edit it, but otherwise it is pretty normal. I watched the first episode and it was over before I knew it.

This would be a good reality show for people of any age, including kids. You could watch it with small children and not have to worry about people with bad behavior or bad words, etc. It's a nice, positive show.

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Updated 3/27/11 


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