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"Full Throttle Saloon" review by Suzanne
Wednesdays at 10 pm on TruTV

They send me these free TV DVD's to review, so I feel bad if I don't watch and review them. I feel it's my responsibility.  Unfortunately, I don't like many non-fiction shows, and I generally don't like reality shows.  So please take the review with that knowledge, with a grain of salt.

"Full Throttle Saloon" is about a biker bar. I'm not too keen on bikers, but I wonder if these are really your typical Hell's Angel type of bikers.  For one thing, the women look a lot more attractive than you might expect. I suspect they hired new waitresses for TV because most bikers are not attractive people.

This show seems kind of like Sons of Anarchy, if they were real people that owned a bar. Well, that's more interesting than it sounds. The people on the show are very colorful people so you might be interested in their lives. Apparently this is their second season. In the first season, they had hail and other types of damage to their bar, threatening their livelihood.

Like most of these types of reality shows, there is lots of yelling and lots of drama that you suspect might be manufactured, lots of playing to the cameras.  It's not better or worse than so many others out there. It's amazing how many of them there seem to be and how many cable channels show them.

If you like bikers, or bars, or reality shows, you might enjoy this a whole lot more than I did.

truTV Returns to Sturgis for More Wild Fun at the World’s Largest Biker Bar

In the Second Season of FULL THROTTLE SALOON

truTV is heading back to Sturgis, SD for another season of engines, leather, tattoos and beer at the “World’s Largest Biker Bar.” The second exciting season of the truTV hit series FULL THROTTLE SALOON, which looks at the behind-the-scenes mayhem at Michael Ballard’s legendary biker watering hole, is set to launch Wednesday, Nov. 17, at 10 p.m. (ET).

The Throttle is no ordinary establishment.  This enormous, 30-acre indoor/outdoor bar features several large stages, a burn-out pit, a tattoo parlor, zip lines, a wrestling ring, restaurants, dozens of stores, hundreds of cabins for rent and parking for thousands of bikes.

As if those elements weren’t enough to set it apart from other biker bars, The Throttle is only open two weeks out of every year, during Sturgis’ enormously popular biker rally.  Michael Ballard and his team have to pull in a year’s worth of receipts in these two wild weeks.  He gambles that the country’s most beautiful bartenders and biggest music acts will bring in the thousands of patrons he needs to make his number.

Michael’s task is never easy.  He must deal with all sorts of unpredictable factors that could derail his goal, from the recession and wacky weather to out-of-control biker gangs, egotistical country stars and local law enforcement.  All these gambles pile the stress on Mike and his team, but they must hold it all together for two weeks, or the Full Throttle Saloon could go bust.

This season, the Throttle crew prepares for an eagerly anticipated performance by Bret Michaels.  Mike and Jesse James Dupree get locked in conflict as Jesse prepares an explosive stunt for Jackyl night.  And Mike gears up for some major changes as he considers the possibility of franchising, as well as taking his relationship with Angie to the next level.

FULL THROTTLE SALOON premiered in November 2009 and averaged 1.4 million viewers in its first season, with 850,000 adults 18-49 and 539,000 men 18-49.  The Dec. 15 season finale scored a series-high 1.7 million viewers and with 1.1 million adults 18-49.  The episode ranked among cable’s Top 5 entertainment programs in its 10 p.m. timeslot among men 18-49 (609,000).

truTV’s FULL THROTTLE SALOON is executive-produced by Arthur Smith, Kent Weed and Frank Sinton of A. Smith & Co.; Jesse James Dupree of Mighty Loud Entertainment; and Arnold Rifkin of Cheyenne Enterprises The project emerged from a newly formed partnership between Dupree and Rifkin.  Dupree is the chainsaw-wielding leader of the Southern rock group Jackyl who built Mighty Loud into a multimedia empire and counts among his credits MTV’s hit series Two-A-Days: Hoover High.  After selling Triad Artists to the William Morris Agency in 1995, Rifkin became President of WMA.  In 2000, Rifkin left WMA and formed Cheyenne Enterprises with Bruce Willis. He has since produced such feature films as Hart's War, Tears of the Sun, The Whole Ten Yards, 16 Blocks, Live Free or Die Hard and the mixed martial arts film Blood & Bone.

About A. Smith & Co. Productions

Founded by Arthur Smith and Kent Weed in 2000, A. Smith & Co. Productions generates some of the most innovative, highly-rated and high quality unscripted programming for the domestic and international television marketplace.  Since its launch the company has created over 1,000 hours of programming and developed and produced the number one show in America an astonishing 20 times and a top 5 show over 50 times.  The company’s current production slate includes the Emmy® nominated hit show Hell’s Kitchen as well as Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsay; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura; Full Throttle Saloon; Unsung; Ultimate Car Build Off; UFC Countdown and Pros vs. Joes.  A. Smith & Co.’s highly rated programming and executive team have been nominated for several awards including a DGA Award, a NAACP Image Award and a Rose d’Or of which they won two in 2009 for I Survived a Japanese Game Show.  A. Smith & Co.’s library of programming includes hit shows like The Swan, Skating with Celebrities, and Paradise Hotel.

About truTV

truTV is television’s destination for real-life stories told from an exciting and dramatic first-person perspective.  Currently seen in 93 million U.S. households, the network is enjoying its best deliveries ever in key demographics.  truTV features high-stakes, action-packed originals that give viewers access to places and situations they can’t normally experience. truTV’s primetime fan favorites include the original series All Worked Up, Hardcore Pawn, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Black Gold, Operation Repo, The Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest… and Forensic Files.  During the daytime, the channel features expert trial coverage under the name In Session.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, creates and programs branded news, entertainment, animation and young adult media environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the world.

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Updated 11/20/10 


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