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franklin & bash

"Franklin & Bash" review by Suzanne
Premieres Wednesday, June 1 9/8c on TNT

TNT very nicely sent me 5 episodes of this show to watch and review. I looked at the cover, with these two white guys, and I thought, do we really need another lawyer show, with two white guys to boot? But I do have to say that the show surprised me. It's very entertaining, fun, and quirky.  It is kind of like Psych, but not quite as silly.

Franklin & Bash are two friends that are in a small ambulance-chasing law firm in L.A. They are offbeat kind of guys. One is tall and handsome (but kind of goofy) and the other one is short and cute (but more goofy). They have two assistants, one is kind of like a Gal Friday, and the other is a techno-geek-law-researcher working for them. The first is an African American woman and the second is an Indian guy, so I guess they figure they make up for such a white cast otherwise! Hmm, maybe not, TNT! But it's ok, I enjoy the show.

Franklin & Bash end up joining this much larger corporate law firm. Malcolm McDowell plays their new boss, who is just as offbeat as they are.  Reed Diamond, whom I have LOVED ever since I saw him in Homicide: Life on the Street, plays another lawyer, who is McDowell's uptight nephew.

I know I compared it to Psych, but it is also similar to "Drop Dead Diva" in a lot of ways.  Anyway, it's a good show, and you should definitely check it out this summer when it premieres.

Here is some press info:

New Series:
Franklin & Bash Series premiere Wednesday, June 1, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) Season 1: 10 episodes
Mark-Paul Gosselaar (NYPD Blue) and Breckin Meyer (Road Trip) star in this light-hearted legal drama as two fly-by-the seat-of-their-pants lawyers working for a button-down law firm. Malcom McDowell (Heroes, Entourage) also stars as the head of their firm.

In Franklin & Bash, two young, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants street lawyers cause a seismic culture clash when they join a legendary, button-down law firm. Breckin Meyer is Jared Franklin, who loves sticking it to authority every chance he gets, while Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays Peter Bash, who has a knack for connecting with jury and judge. Coming Soon to TNT.

About Franklin & Bash
When they're not hanging out at their favorite hot dog stand pontificating on what they'd go through to enjoy a night with their favorite female celebrities, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) are chasing down their latest clients...sometimes literally. With business cards in hand, they're ready to nab a client within seconds after a car accident, arrest for solicitation or any other incident where their legal services may be needed. Once in the courtroom, they show their flair for the dramatic and the shocking.

Peter has a knack for connecting with jury and judge, while Jared loves sticking it to authority every chance he gets. Despite their bad-boy antics, brash presentation and devil-may-care attitudes, Jared and Peter are good lawyers who are willing to do anything for a client, no matter who the client might be. That quality catches the attention of Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell), a Renaissance man and the patriarch of Infeld Daniels, one of the top law firms in Los Angeles. He sees a lot of himself in the young men and decides to recruit the pair to bring a fresh energy to the firm. Jared and Peter are joined by their two legal aides, the brilliant, brassy Carmen (Dana Davis) and the agoraphobic, verminophobic Pindar (Kumail Nanjiani).

Infeld's decision to take on fresh talent doesn't sit well with his nephew, Damien Karp (Reed Diamond), a lawyer who has his own plans for the firm and a particularly shifty way of doing business. The arrival of Jared and Peter also threatens Karp's romantic - albeit celibate - relationship with Hanna Linden (Garcelle Beauvais), a lawyer who takes an immediate liking to Jared.

In their new digs at Infeld Daniels, Jared and Peter handle a variety of clients, from a woman fired for being too beautiful to a family feud over a cherished baseball. But their story is really about the incredible friendship they've built and how their relationship is challenged now that they find themselves working in a more corporate atmosphere. Only time will tell if these devoted buddies can survive in this new environment.

Franklin & Bash premieres on TNT Wednesday, June 1 at 9/8c.

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Updated 4/21/11 


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