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The Fairy Jobmother

"The Fairy Jobmother" review by Suzanne
Airs Thursdays 9/8 c on Lifetime

The idea of this show is that the host, Hayley Taylor, finds out-of-work people and helps them clean up their lives so that they can find jobs. It's kind of like that show Hoarders, in many ways. If you have ever watched that one, they find these mentally disturbed people who live in filth and help them clean up their homes and their lives. It's the same here, except their mental problems are different.

These are not ordinary out of work people. These are people who have so messed up their lives that they are incapable of just regular living, let alone going out and finding a job. It's very difficult to watch because you feel so bad for these people, who are being exploited for TV. Of course, they are also being helped to find jobs (hopefully), and also, I can't help but wonder how much of it is real. Like all "reality shows", I wonder if they plant some of the things.

For instance, the father of this first household has an awfully suspicious new and stylish haircut. That doesn't really gibe with the dog feces on the floor and the crying kid. You have to wonder, how much of this is put together by the show to make them look worse (or better) than they are? That's one of the reasons I hate reality shows. So much of it is more "scripted" than you think.

If you like shows like Hoarders and find them uplifting or entertaining, then you will no doubt like this one. In the first episode, host Hayley Taylor helps The Aughe Family of Hanford, CA. They have a messy house with lots of dirty dishes and a dog that they left poop in their bed, and kid they can't control. They fight all the time and it's clear that they have no clue how to run their lives. The dad has "issues" from his dad (I have to wonder how he survived in the Navy that way). It's just very difficult to watch, whether it's true or contrived (I kind of hope that it's contrived).

The host, Hayley Taylor, seems sincere but I have trouble understanding her with her thick British accent. Her show was very successful in the UK, apparently. If you are unemployed, I guess you would find this show very entertaining. You can't help but feel superior to the people on this show, since they look for the worst of the worst to be on this show. They also do give job-hunting tips if you are looking for a job.

Press Release:

Eight Episodes of Hour-Long Program Based on Studio Lambert's Hit U.K. Format to be Hosted by Career Specialist Hayley Taylor

Lifetime to Sneak Peek First Episode October 28 Following Project Runway Finale Before Moving to Regular Time Period at 9:00 PM Thursdays

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 28, 2010) - With one of the most challenging economies in U.S. history, Lifetime Television brings relief to families who have struggled with unemployment with its new unscripted series, The Fairy Jobmother, featuring international career specialist, Hayley Taylor. Based on the popular British format and produced by Studio Lambert (Undercover Boss), The Fairy Jobmother will follow Taylor each week as she assists severely job-challenged families with her no-nonsense and tough love tactics to motivate them to get back on the payroll. Lifetime will sneak peek the first of eight one-hour episodes at 11:00 PM (ET/PT) on Thursday, October 28, immediately following the Project Runway Season Eight finale. Beginning Thursday, November 4, The Fairy Jobmother will air in its regular time period of 9:00 PM (ET/PT).

Using her no holds barred approach, Taylor will help families by confronting the unspoken truths responsible for placing them into their current situations. Closely assessing every area of each family's life - from relationship breakdowns to how they present themselves publicly and the homes they keep - Taylor will assist them face the harsh realities of why they are unemployed and get them back on the road to financial and emotional recovery. By the end of each episode, she transforms their lives, not only with the opportunity of employment on the horizon, but a different attitude towards themselves and their family members.

"This innovative series will help American families in need of assistance by motivating them to get back on track in an entertaining, constructive and effective way," said Nancy Dubuc, President and General Manager of Lifetime Networks and HISTORY. "The Fairy Jobmother uniquely complements Lifetime's unscripted strategy and will further strengthen our success among women Thursday evenings."

Stephen Lambert (creator of Undercover Boss and Wife Swap) and Eli Holzman (Project Runway) serve as executive producers of The Fairy Jobmother. Shannon Keenan Demers (Big Brother) is executive producer and showrunner.


Hayley Taylor discovered her knack for passing along her expertise after experiencing firsthand the same challenges placed upon many of the families she helps. A hair-dresser turned stay-at-home mom, Taylor felt the financial and emotional strain on her family when her husband was laid off. Arguments and mounting debt ensued and she soon found herself losing her identity and self-confidence. Ultimately, Taylor decided to return to work by volunteering at a job training center. Her abilities in teaching and motivating people were quickly recognized, and within two months she was promoted to manager. Two years later, Taylor was approached to work for a company that specialized in training the unemployed, where she helped people overcome their professional barriers and move forward into gainful employment. Her training techniques and innovative methods caught the attention of the U.K.'s Channel 4, which included her in a three- part documentary series entitled Benefit Busters. Overnight, she became the talk of the nation and received an offer from the channel to host her own show, The Fairy Jobmother.


Studio Lambert is a fast-growing independent television production company based in London and Los Angeles, specializing in creating and producing entertaining, non-scripted programs for the U.K., U.S. and international markets. Chief executive Stephen Lambert is responsible for ground-breaking programs in Britain and America, such as Wife Swap, The Secret Millionaire, Faking It and, most recently, Undercover Boss. The U.S. team is led by Eli Holzman, the former head and co-founder of Miramax Television, who created the award-winning hit Project Runway. Holzman also served as president of Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Films, where he developed and launched Beauty & the Geek. Studio Lambert is backed by All3Media, a global group of production companies and an international distribution company.


Lifetime Television is committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families. Lifetime Television(r), Lifetime Movie Network(r), Lifetime Real Women(r) and Lifetime Digital(tm) (which includes , , Lifetime Games , , , and ) are part of Lifetime Entertainment Services, LLC, a subsidiary of A&E Television Networks, LLC. A&E Television Networks is a joint venture of the Disney-ABC Television Group, Hearst Corporation and NBC Universal.

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